Nikolai Clausen's

U-Boat War Badge and Award Certificate

Through the exposure of this website I have been able to gather additional information regarding Korvettenkapitän Nikolai Clausen.

Alan Clayton contacted me stating that he had acquired Clausen's U-Boat War Badge (Ubootskriegsabzeichen) and U-Boat War Badge Award Certificate.

Here are the photos as provided by Alan.

U-Boat War Badge (Ubootskriegsabzeichen)
Awarded on 15 April, 1940.

Note the typographical misspelling of Nikolai's first name.

Awarded "On Board" on 18 April, 1940 and signed by the (unknown) Flotilla Commander.

Asmus Nikolai "Niko" Clausen

On the deck of the U-182.  Taken on 30 June 30 1942 at Deschimag wharf in Bremen, when U-182 was commissioned.

He is wearing the U-Boat War Badge. 

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Nikolai Clausen's Wehrpass

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