Collisions at Swansea

18 October 1943


Below are 2 declassified action reports from the USS MacKenzie in connection with the damage that occurred while shifting berths at Swansea, Wales. The ship was involved in a series of minor collisions which put it out of action for 41 days. This was a confusing chain of events.  

Note: the report occasionally refers to the location as New South Wales (NSW).  This is incorrect as New South Wales is in Australia and this incident occured in Wales, in the United Kingdom.

Quoting from the Navy Department's Division of Naval History, Ships' Histories Section:

18 October 1943 - Extracts From the Log for 18 October 1943 (Collision)

29 October 1943 - Report of Damage occurred while Vessel was Shifting Berths at Swansea, Wales (18 October 1943)

photo courtesy of ‘Mine Warfare Vessels of the Royal Navy – 1908 to Date’ by Maurice Cocker (Airlife, 1993)

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